Alex Dipple

Dots and Full Stops (Detail) 2009

Daily gestures (detail) 2008

Alex Dipple is captivated by the transitory architecture of newspapers and periodicals. Punctuation, and visual tools such as ‘info graphics’ and the use of colour, that are intended to help readers navigate and prioritize content, become the subject of her work. Text boxes, horizontal rules and punctuation are sliced from their source and distilled into dense microbial groups. The clippings are arranged into chains, or fill spaces that hint of much larger spaces.

These works are durational and iterative. Collected over months each dot, box or line is as specific as the text from which it was lifted. The tiny fragments of newsprint establish physical contact with obscure documents. The conspiracy of clippings in Dots 1 and 2 are charged, battery-like. Here the traffic signals of an erased text kick about, no longer inconspicuous but full of potential. 

Alex is working with newsprint ephemera. Fleeting design anomalies that evolve over periods and then disappear again could be seen to impose restraints on her practice. She has made a number of pieces over the last two years using horizontal rules cut from The Independent newspaper. These lines were first black, then colour coded and now gone. The work is a growing archive of marks and signs barely registered by the average reader.

Slant 1 - 2009