James Unsworth

'I love you like a murderer loves his victims'

James Unsworth grew up in Liverpool with two older brothers who fed him on a diet of Thrash Metal, Clive Barker, Stephen King and Video Nasties. This culture stirred in the artist a curiosity about the extremes of the human condition and eventually drew him to London to study fine art at The Royal College of Art.

In London Unsworth encountered at first hand many masterpieces of western art including Durer’s woodcuts, the Chapman Brother’s, ‘Hell’ and Francis Bacon’s expressionism, as well as London’s seamier side of nightclubs, pornographers, transgressives and hot-dog sellers, influences that added to his own wide range of interests, from Japanese Ero-Guro to Suicide Cults, and from Graphic Novels to the Carnivalesque. In the past his artworks have paid homage to the vision of Hieronymus Bosch and the history of popular print.

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