John Tiney - Joyride


Tuesday, 3 July 2007 - Monday, 23 July 2007

Autonomous Series is a research laboratory, presenting two new solo shows, two discussion evenings, and an accompanying film programme, Curated by Alli Beddoes.

John Tiney Joyride

Press Preview: 3 July 2007, 4pm – 6pm
Opening Night with audio collage by Giorgio Sadotti 3 July 2007, 6pm – 9pm

For the second part of Autonomous Series at Campbell Works, John Tiney will be debuting a new film work that continues a practice that is fictive, compulsive and challenging. Investigating crossovers between artists' film, video and traditional cinema, Tiney explores the notion of illusion and duality through contemporary and historical reference.

This work uses Kubrick's The Shining as a citation. A well known scene of Danny tri-cycling through the hallway of the Overlook Hotel has been re-orchestrated and adapted. As spectators, we are subject to his visions as we experience the similar turns, corners and flashes of vision. Sound and moving image recedes us into to a trancelike state. This double agency begins to envelopes a dialectical notion of being within and beyond an experience.

Viewtube Discussion evening:   Wednesday 4th July 2007,  7 to 9pm

A panel critique where selected panelists each choose clips from Youtube for open discussion.


Malcolm Le Grice, Michelle Deignan, Simon Pope, John Summers

This discussion evening will be using youtube as a vehicle for the discussion.

The conversation will nod it's head towards issues of selection, responsibility, collaboration, free sharing and the workings of peer to peer networks.

This evening event is free - but places maybe limited.

Film programme: 14th July 2007, from 2pm with tea and cakes.

A selection of British film 1970 to 2005. (see here)

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