Martina Schmuecker

The Cones. Object/Performance. White plastic (PPE), fabric, time variable, 2 cones, height 1m and 1,40m

The objects and props built are made in relation to scale and measures of the artist’s body or the body of the performer. She sees her performances as sculptures, visible for a certain time. What stays is only the memory of a strange image and the props as a “place holder” for the performance. Colour Fight (2008) deals with the idea of a process of some sort into the performance, a process that creates a new image during the performance. This is a departure from her previous performances, which use time to make the image of the performance stay with the viewer. This performance creates a new image from the ingredients: blue + yellow = green.

The Cones is an object/performance made for two performers. The performer wears the cone attached to the waist; the upper body is hidden inside the cone. The two performers walk slowly, silently through the space for a fixed time. At the end, they get out of the cones and leave them standing upside down in the space.

They come out in the dark. Sleeping bags, torchlights, 7 participants, Performance/ Installation.

The Performance They come out in the dark was commissioned by Camden Arts Centre for Architectural Week, London and took place in the Galleries on the 26th. June 2005.The performance takes place with 7 participants lying in the corners and along the walls of the gallery in sleeping bags. Their faces are covered and their feet are sticking out at the end of the bags. A small torchlight is attached to the top end of the sleeping bag. The performers move only minimal, like dreaming or sleeping people. The performance/installation lasts for 1h, after that the participants leave the bags and leave the galleries, leaving the sleeping bags behind. The performance can be seen as a sculptural occupation or takeover of the given space for a limited time. This performance can be done as well down to three participants.