Melanie Stidolph

'The Green Man' (2011)

Artists statement

I am interested in images that seem almost clichéd in their representation of nature and our relationship to it.  My pictures show sunlit white horses, impossibly still rabbits in the undergrowth, and trees that appear to have human faces.   I’m working with the idea that some representations now seem redundant and am looking to produce pictures that create a balance between genuine engagement and suspicion.  At the root of these photographs there is a suggestion of a sincere human connection to the subject to ignite the process. 

Recent work 'The Hole' is one of a number of images that highlight the shadow or negative space in the image as being potentially more evocative than the subject itself. One of a body of works exploring pareidolia, 'The Hole' conjures the image of a rabbit from a cave's shadow as other works show The Green Man or anthropomorphic structures manifested from natural forms.

I've recently been investigating a way of working that introduces an element of detachment over when the picture is taken; prioritising external action over interior thought to fire the shutter.  'Trigger' and 'Windfall' use infra red devices to harness the movement of animals and other stimulus to trigger the shutter.  This detaches a reading of the image from the suggestion of the photographer's emotive or intellectual connection to the scene in front of the camera, and alludes instead to the role of independent activity in recording the moment.

'The Hole' (2011)

'Trigger' (2011)