Naoko TakaHashi


A site specific installation with text on the gallery walls and stitching in public spaces around Campbell Works, I Represent Everything You Fear – Dedicated to Adrian Piper – Here Comes a Wicked Witch of the East (2008) provokes questions about private and public, real and fiction, inclusion and exclusion by orchestrating interventions into architectural and urban spaces and generates public ‘sculptures’ through a performance of writing that results in a documentation of process, site and encounter.


My work highlights the ambiguities, confusions and manipulation of national and individual identities, played out through language. Focusing on issues of dislocation, re-location and representation in a global, multi-cultural, multi-lingual society, I explore processes of continual translation and transformation: from thought into voice, between one language and another, from one media to the next.


My work is primarily performative, including live performance, participattory installation, performing for creating narratives with documentations of events and using traces of performances, mainly using text to examine and imagine (often humorously) a complex matrix of social and cultural forms of representation, combining one medium into another, for example, text to performance and vice versa, in my experimentation. 

Naoko Takahashi is represented by IMT gallery.