Project LALO


Wednesday, 5 March 2014 - Sunday, 18 May 2014

Campbell Works (London) & ARTRA curatorial (Los Angeles) present: Project LALO
London openings: 5th - 8th March 2014   (Campbell Works show here)
Los Angeles openings: 3rd - 6th April 2014
Project LALO is an international exchange between 10 dynamic artist run spaces in London and Los Angeles, presenting work by over 90 artists in both established and emerging gallery spaces. Campbell Works has partnered with ARTRA curatorial in Los Angeles, to bring this 10 venue event to both cities.
By pairing galleries and creating the opportunity to exchange both their artists and their galleries, Project LALO will present five exhibitions in London through March and five exhibitions in Los Angeles through April 2014.
Showcasing a deep cross section of current practice from the two cities. Some spaces will choose to present curated exhibitions and some will take the opportunity to create a clear platform for the visiting artists to engage, and present new work alongside those who run the host spaces.



Transition Gallery

Unit 25a Regent Studios,

8 Andrews Road,

London E8 4QN


Project LALO presents: Head Grammar

Opening: Thursday 6th March, 6–9pm

7th—30th March


Jay Erker
John Mills
Lisa Penny
Bern Roche Farrelly
James Irwin





57a Redchurch Street,

London E2 7DJ


Project LALO presents: Hello L.A.

Opening: Wednesday 5th March, 6—9pm

5th–23rd March


Allison Behrstock
Juliette Bellocq
Monique Prieto
Finishing School
Nancy Popp
Stacy Elaine Dacheux
Tyler Calkin
David Earle
Alison O’Daniel
Alexandra Grant
Sarah Bradham
Jade Thacker
Katie Herzog
Kio Griffith
Ben Lord 
Jay Lizo
Candice Lin
Lara Bank
Colin Roberts
Kristi Engle
Brian Mallman
Amy Maloof
Peter Ortel
Kiki Johnson
Cindy Rehm
Bang Guel Han
Josh Atlas
Ben Rosenthal
Michelle Rozic
Tiffany Sum
Steven Pedersen
Chris Kardambikis
Danielle Sommer
John Burtle


10 Cazenove Road,

London N16 6BD


Project LALO presents: P/N/16

Opening: Friday 7th March, 6—9pm

8th–23rd March


Courtney Arwin
Marie D’Elbée
Roni Feldman
Kio Griffith
Max Presneill
Jonny JJ Winter
Light box commission L/B/10
by Giorgio Sadotti



Campbell Works

27 Belfast Road,

London N16 6UN


Project LALO presents: To Klingon

Or Not To Klingon: Artists from

Los Angeles, London and Other Parts of the Universe

Opening: Friday 7th March, 8—10pm

8th–26th March


Ichiro Irie
Susanne Melanie Berry
Max Presneill
Lena Wolek
Aaron Dadacay
Dallas Seitz
Mimei Thompson




Institute Of Jamais Vu

IJV, UNIT C, 167 Hermitage Road,

London, N4 1LZ


Project LALO presents: Tip The Wink

Opening: Saturday 8th March, 6—10pm

8th—23rd March


Shiva Aliabadi
The Black Dogs
Helen Cahng
Phil Chang
Michelle Chong
Ginny Cook
Greg Curtis
Drew Dunlap
Rashell George
Amanda Katz
Allison Peck
Joshua Rickards
Kim Schoen
Stephaine Taylor










4634 Hollywood Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90027


Project LALO presents: Stowaway

Opening: Friday 4th April, 7–10pm   

5th—27th April


Cathy Lomax
Alli Sharma
Mimei Thompson
Kyla Hansen
Lisa Rybovich Cralle





Monte Vista Projects

5442 Monte Vista St (at Ave. 55),

Los Angeles, CA 90042


Project LALO presents: studio1.1

Opening: Friday 4th April, 6—9pm

5th–27th April



(Roxy Topia and Paddy Gould)





4247 West Washington Blvd,

Los Angeles, CA 90


Project LALO presents:

Los Angeles–London: Mind the Gap

Opening: Saturday 5th April, 5—8.30pm  

5th—26th April


David French
David Leapman
Sarah Sparkes
Katie Pratt
Max Presneill
Erin Lawlor
Vincent Hawkins
Hanz Hancock
Patrick Morrissey
Alexis Harding
Marie D’Elbée
Christopher Rawcliffe
Jonny JJ Winter





11851 La Grange Ave,

Los Angeles, CA, 90025


Project LALO presents: Land Skipe

Opening: Saturday 5th April, 6.30—9.30pm

6th April–18th May


Shane Bradford
Nick Brown
Jane Callister
Peter Lamb
Harriet Murray
Neil Taylor




Short House

(The Los Angeles show for this exchange will be at the Bolsky Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design)


Project LALO presents: Short House in Exchange with the Institute of Jamais Vu and Black Dogs

Opening: Thursday 3rd April, 7—10pm

30th March–5th April


Cindy Bernard
Black Dogs
Ginny Cook
Victoria Lucas
Kim Schoen
Stephanie Taylor