Sam Dowd



The Visible and the Invisible. Video still. 2007


The Visible and the Invisible documents the construction of a sculptural ‘set’ within the building site of the new Towner Gallery, Eastbourne. Produced as the culmination of The Space Between commission / residency, this film draws on notions of the non-event, choreographed action and the shifting structural geometries of public architecture to address the potential perception and movement of the spectator through an as yet unfinished space. This film, as an indirect and partial trace of the invisible monumental intervention, serves to frustrate the artwork-as-spectacle in order to prompt an imaginative leap into a present and future in-between.


The Visible and the Invisible will be screened on the film night.




Awakening (First Light, Dungeness) (2007)


‘ Awakening ’ captures the artist in a moment of suspension whilst reflecting the first rays of daylight into the camera lens, producing an optical halo or mirage. The unique clarity of light at this location – threshold between land and sea, site of the brooding nuclear power station and one of the largest expanses of shingle in the world - is here harnessed to offer a glimpse of a potential becoming, a blinding reflection of a horizonal world yet to be.