Saturday art classes

Every saturday morning for five years between 1998 - 2003, Neil Taylor & Harriet opened their studios free of charge for 2.5 hour drop in sessions for local children. The classes were not advertised but grew by word of mouth, with the child numbers increasing to a core of about 12-15 children who came on a weekly basis. 

When Neil & Harriet first bought Campbell Works, the area was very run down, through the collapse of the rag trade, and its migration away from the east end, and many local children were using their creativity to vandalise cars, and smash windows.

The open studios provided the children with a weekly focus for their creativity, and what started as a one off, quickly grew, with children waiting at the gates each saturday morning.

In 2002 with the support of awards from Sure Start and the Local Network Fund, the classes became funded, enabling the use of better materials and more ambitious projects.