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I live and work in London. After a spell in design I returned to painting and began working at the National Gallery of Art in London. My intention was to earn a living and improve my understanding of the craft of picture making. For many years since completing my M.A. from the Royal College of Art I have done nothing but draw. I valued the idea of letting my work develop organically away from the need to produce a finished product.

During my M.A. I wrote about the French Philosopher Jean Baudrillard. After reading him I was very concerned with the glut of images in our society, and still am. The saturation of images is increased daily by the easy availability of digital technology. This situation is a dire one I think and I'm very interested in images that give their secrets away slowly or perhaps never do.

There have been and still are images that are not simply to be decoded and discarded at our convenience. In Buddhist art for example the goal was not necessarily to produce art as such but rather activities like painting were paths or ways to achieve a sate of concentration and equanimity.

I am very much interested in artists like the Spanish painter Zurbaran as well as Twentieth century artists like Matisse. I look at many things including textiles, pattern and ceramics including Chinese, Korean and Islamic to mention but a few.

I'm interested in a concentrated effort but which in a sense looks easy and commonplace. Beauty is important to me but that beauty might be discordant or unexpected.

I value the exploration of new materials and the commonplace. It is important that the viewer can relate to the images. Recently I've used small scale mdf panels with acrylic colours, which are often bright and somewhat artificial in colour.

My images tend to fall into established genres but I find that categorization beneficial and it means I can see my work in a tradition which helps to inspire and give momentum to new possibilities.

I currently share a Studio with the Artist Jasper Joffee in the East of London.1991-94 Norwich School of Art and Design


1998 R.C.A Painting Interim, RCA, London (catalogue)

1998 RCA Travel Award to Montauban and Toulouse.

1999 The Royal College of Art Degree Show, RCA

2003 Feat Curated by Pierre Coinde and Gary O'Dwyer at The Centre of Attention.

2003 Drawings and Paintings from The Evans Collection, Rivington Gallery, London

2005 June 17- July 14 Current Vision Sartorial Contemporary Art

2006  V22 Aswhin Street Studios Dalston Print exhibition.

2007 Along Parallel Lines Sungkok Art Museum Seoul.

2009 July  In a State of Flux 24 Whitechapel Soup Gallery.

2010 February  Repeat & Reprise Group multi-disciplinary exhibition East Gallery, London

2010 July  National Gallery of Art London Staff Exhibition.

Private Collections: The Roger Evans Collection.