Strung Think


Thursday, 12 October 2017 - Sunday, 15 October 2017



Project 189 Bangkok
189 Soi Rammitri
Off Soi Nana
Rama 4 Road
Pom Prap
Opening Reception: 12th October 2017    6.00pm - late
13th - 15th October 2017   12.00 Noon  -  6.00pm
The audience are invited into a performance installation that aims to expand our collective understanding of string and other things. 

The flippancy of this statement belies the seriousness of the quest. Artists, like all communicators, use and abuse metaphor to assist and disrupt their communications, to cause ripples in the tank of knowledge, to amuse and frustrate the viewer. 

By the opening reception on the 12th October, artists Neil Taylor and Harriet Murray will have immersed themselves for six weeks in the shadowy back passages of Bangkok’s China Town.

In their new installation for Project 189, Bangkok, Taylor and Murray get wired up to string, to further understand the relevance of this familiar household material and to explore the metaphorical associations it has here in Thailand.
Strung Think pays respect to the Buddhist tradition by referencing ‘sai sin’, a centuries old tradition of connecting objects, people and points in space to a Buddha image with a continuous unbroken piece of string. A device commonly employed in Buddhist temples, the ‘sai sin’ forms a kind of analogue neural network, a crude physical manifestation of quantum consciousness, or as the artists think of it as 'Web minus 1.0'. Forget the ‘theory’, we’re talking ‘string’ here, skeins of it. Connecting the ‘works’ with the audience, through a web, through precise veins of organic matter, just feels better with string!
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