Matt Golden: Multiple

Campbell Works art object for sale
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To accompany the exhibition Autonomous Series, curated by Alli Bedoes, Matt Golden has created an unlimited edition of artists multiples. Taking the form of a record folded along its centre, the artwork ideally hangs in the corner of a room.

This is an unlimited edition. 
£50.00 each + Postage and Packing ( £5)
Current titles available include:

- Something's gotten hold of my heart (Blue)
- What's wrong with dreaming (Black)
- Life can be a hurtful thing (Pink)
- We can make it (Blue)
- You'll never know (Black)
- Can't take my eyes off you (Greyish blue) Sold
- What's wrong with dreaming (Black)
- Feel the need in me (White)
- The real thing (White)
- If only (Blue)
- Tonight I'm yours (Yellow)
- Infatuation (Orange)
- Safe in the arms of love (White)
- Never ever (Greyish black)
- Feel the good times (White)
- A time for us (Aqua)
- You can have it (Tropical orange)
- Press along (Blue)
- Love and money (Red)
- Cheek to cheek (Red)
- Love is… (Pale Blue)
- A wish away (Crimson)
- L is for lover (white)
- Could you be the one (White and grey)
- The riddle (Pale blue)
- I wanna do it with you (Pale blue and white)
- One moment in time (Black and Pink)
- Singing for you (Bright red)
- Baby Baby (Orangey red)
- Thinking of you (Bright Red) 
- This I swear (Dark Blue)
- Dreaming with love (Pinky orange)
- Let me lead you to paradise (Bright Red) Sold
- The pleasure dome (Pink)
- The Man I Love (Pale Blue)
- This couldn't happen to me (White) Sold